ACR Institute’s Metabolic and General Detoxification Recommendations


Below, a few detox foods and supplements.  Once the internal detox machinery works better, some of these will no longer be needed. Many of these supplements overlap. This is one of the strengths of holistic medicine, one strong natural molecule or herb or superfood can activate multiple cancer pathways.

1. Milk Thistle extract (Silybum marianum), standardized to silymarin and silibinins.

2. Cruciferous veggies: Broccoli extract, (glucosinolates) with meals and I3C (Indole-3-Carbinol).

3. Onions and garlic contain sulfur compounds called allyl sulfides (as much as you feel like eating, but at least a little bit each day). The kyoli aged garlic is good.

4. SAMe: Take with co-factors B12, B6 and folic acid and a B vitamin complex (helps the methylation process).

5. Beets and-or betalain supplementation are red and yellow pigments found in beets. Better to take real beets, raw especially, but some steamed ok. Beet juice is good too.

6. Calcium D-glucarate Calcium-D-glucarate.

7. Chlorella.

8. Chlorophyllin.

9. Probiotics (same doses as before, a few billions bacteria two times day).

10. N-acetyl cysteine.

11. Artichoke and aromatic spices like cayenne for bile flow.

12. Artichoke has been used for centuries in folk medicine as a liver protectant and to stimulate bile flow (choleresis), and is the best-studied herbal choleretic agent.

13. Flaxseeds.

14. Trans-resvertraol.

15. Green tea extracts.

16. Quercetin. This antioxidant  also increase certain detox enzyms like GST and UGT

17. R-lipoic acid.

18. Curcumin and its metabolite tetrahydrocurcumin, which has greater phase II detox activity.

19. Selenium.

20. Magnesium (Atp dependent).

21. Lecithin: phospholipids.


1. Rawfoods detox juicing, like with the Breuss diet or Gerson therapy.

2. Sauna and-or hot baths.

3. Coffee or wheatgrass Anemas.  This holistic technique helps to activate the sacral parasympathic nerves, effectively detoxing the liver.

4. Colonics.

5. Exercises, bikram yoga (but mild)

6. Clays (kaolin, bentonite) and zeolite, milk of clay

7. Active charcoals.

8. Other fibers like psyllium, chia etc

9. Pemf Pulsed and other forms of electro-medicine

10 Budwig protocol.

11. Medical chelation: DMPS, DMSA, EDTA , BAL, Iron and others like penicillamine (Cuprimine). Penicillamine has been used as an oral treatment for lead, mercury, and copper poisoning; its use has fallen out of favor due to its potential for serious complications, which include allergic reactions (seen particularly in people allergic to penicillin), a severe form of anemia, severe lowering of white blood cell counts, and kidney failure (Jang 2011).

12. Meditation: a form of emotional detox.


Since many toxic metals mimic nutritionally essential metals, they compete for the same transport mechanisms for absorption from the intestines and uptake into cells. Therefore, adequate intake of essential trace minerals may reduce toxic metal uptake. For example, nutritional zinc or iron deficiency can increase cadmium absorption (Thévenod 2013), and lead absorption from the gut appears to be blocked by calcium, iron, and zinc (ATSDR 2007; Patrick 2006)

In animal models, selenium blocks the effects of lead when administered before exposure and reduces mercury toxicity (Patrick 2006). It also increases its excretion in humans (Li 2012; Zwolak 2012).


The International Fish Oil Standards Program (IFOS) is an organization dedicated to differentiating high-quality fish oil products from those of lesser quality. In order to ensure fish oil supplement does not contain dangerous concentrations of contaminants such as heavy metals, check the label to ensure your fish oil supplement achieves the rigorous IFOS 5-star rating (IFOS 2013). Small wild fish like sardines and small salmon can be indicated. The bigger the fish, the more heavy metals.


1. Zinc.

2. Selenium.

3. Modified Citrus Pectin (with alginate complex).

4. Silicon: (as Choline-Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid).

5. Vitamin C.

6. Vitamin E supplementation.

7. Folate.

8. Garlic extract.

9. Cilantro herbal extract.

10. Alpha-Lipoic Acid.

11. Glutathione.

12. N-Acetyl Cysteine NAC).

13. Glycine.

14, Probiotics supplying at least 2 billion colony forming units [CFUs).

15. Chlorella.


Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 5.34.39 PM


Always consult with your primary medical doctor, especially when he gives you synthetic drugs, to see if all of this is compatible with his prescriptions and treatment plan. For example, if you take coumadin, a blood thinner, some of these supplements are counter-indicated.


The information in this report is not intended to be medical advise and does not replace the advice of a qualified oncologist and medical doctor. By applying some of the recommendations of this Information Report, the reader, in this case Yvonne Wheeler, assumes all risks if she does not follow up with qualified medical doctors. Product labels may contain important safety information which should be carefully reviewed to verify the dose, administration and contraindications of the proposed natural substances. The author of this Report is not liable for any injury and/or damage to persons arising from the use of this Report and expressly disclaim responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from the use of the information contained herein. The Recommendations mentioned in this Report raise many issues that are subject to change as new data emerge. None of our suggested protocol regimens and-or recommendations can guarantee health benefits. But mostly all of the recommendations proposed are nonetheless supported by evidence-based studies, some (not all) of which we invoked.

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